Hallux Valgus (Bunion)


Hallux Valgus, commonly referred to as “Bunion”, is a term used to describe a prominence at the base of the big toe accompanied by outward deviation of the big-toe towards the second toe. It is usually symptomatic due to rubbing of the swelling against shoes, pain in the joint at the base of the big toe and difficulty finding appropriate shoe-wear.

It can be accompanied by lesser-toe deformities and by pain in the ball of the foot. These may be treated separately or in conjunction.

The severity of the bunion does not necessarily correlate with needing surgery. In some patients, a mild bunion can be causing a lot of discomfort and in others a severe bunion might be well tolerated. The treatment should therefore be tailored to each patient based on their symptoms and their clinical assessment.

For information of the open correction of bunion deformity with the Scarf & Akin osteotomy technique click here.

For information of the Minimally Invasive correction of bunion deformity with the MICA technique click here.


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