What is foot arthritis?

The mid-foot (Talo-Navicular and Calcaneo-Cuboid) joints are responsible for forefoot rotation. The hind-foot (subtalar) joint is responsible for side to side movement of the heel. These joints allow us to walk on uneven ground.

Arthritis is a process of wear and tear involving one or more of these joints. It is commonly a consequence of a previous injury or fracture or a mal- alignment of the foot joints. Patients with rheumatoid disease can also suffer arthritis of these joints. Sometimes it happens without any obvious cause.

Patients usually complaint of pain that becomes worse with walking (particularly on un-even ground), together with stiffness, recurrent swelling and a sense of giving way.

The diagnosis is made by clinical examination and x-rays. A CT-scan is sometimes needed to show the joints involved in even more details.